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SPEED PLUS For Control of whitefly, aphid, Jassids,
hoppers, bugs, etc.
Ryder Plus – Bio Pesticide for sucking pests,
Lopper, borer & Plant hopper etc. Sucking pests include aphids,
leafhoppers, thrips, whitefly, flies, bugs, and mites.
Shake well before use and store in cold storage. It is also use with any other
pesticides with water .Cotton, vegetables, onion, tobacco, ground nut, grains,
sugar cane, wheat, beans, orchard crop, paddy, cumin seeds, etc. type of crops
are given better result through our product. It is useful for destroyed little animals
on the leaf of plant as well as in which protein and calcium also helpful in these
herbal pesticides. So that’s why it is a 100% pure and effective product which
gives result rapidly.
Application Dosage :20ml- 30ml per 15 ltr. water .