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solar insect trap is a solar powered product use for insects which damage the crops like chilli, tomato, brinjal, fruits like Mango, Apple, Pomogranate and Guava, and spices like cardamom, etc. Insects are attracted to UV light, and flies around it, hit the flaps and fall in tray filled with water. Powerful solar panel It have 10 watt solar panel, sufficient to charge battery even in cloudy and in low sunlight Powerful battery It have Li-Ion battery, once charged, can work for 2-3 night pest attracted Flaps It have four metal flaps, which increases hitting rate and more pest are trapped Capture Capture wide variety of pest It captures wide variety of pest including lepidoptera, beetles, root grub etc flaps Automatic It works for 8 hours, four hours after sunset and four hours early in morning. Automatic switch off and switch on Features & details 10 watt solar panel 8 hr working , automatic switch on 5 hrs after sunset and 3 hrs in morning Tray for pest collection