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Natural Hormones Based Flowering + Growth Stimulant

Seaweed extract & PGR based liquid for healthy & beautiful plants. RAKSHAK liquid is a novel biotechnology product based on RAKSHAK Liquid is a powerful liquid that naturally empower the plants to deliver outstanding result with Superior quality. Nutrients contained in RAKSHAK Liquid gives the optimum growth boosts to all indoor and outdoor plants, flowering plants, vegetables, shrubs, lawns and garden. RAKSHAK Liquid delivers more quality of fruits grown in farm house and kitchen garden. RAKSHAK Liquid has amazing results for plants like Holi Basil (Tulsi), Marigold, Roses, Money Plants etc.

Benefits Of Rakshak
– Greener, Shinier and Healthier leaves.
– Extends plants life and improves plants vigour
– Improves blossoming offlowers
– Increase number of productive buds.
-Increase vase life/ keeping quality of flowers:-

Recommended Crops:

Vegetables: Chilies, Beans, Brinjal, Cucurbits,
Crops( Cabbage,
Cauliflower, Knol- Khol), Drum Stick, Spinach
Other: Lawns, Gardens, Golf Course, Green House,
Floriculture, Fodder Crops etc.

-Boosts tolerance to environmental stresses.
– Fewer Incidents of Pest and diseases.
– Greatly increase nutrients uptake.
– Enhances overall quality and appearance of plant life.
– Highlyimpactfull pestanddiseases.
– Provides organic nutrients toplants.

             Application Dosage :20ml- 30ml per 15 ltr. water .