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The Pheromone dispenser is in the form of a Rubber Septa or a translucent polymer capsule in which the active ingredient material is filled in. Each individual Lure / Dispenser is placed into a metpet / aluminum foil pouch and sealed. Color: Brick Red or Translucent White. Materials of Construction: Silicon Rubber or UV Stabilized polymer. Active Ingredients: E-11-hexadecenyl acetate & E-11- hexadecenol. Effective life span in the field: For season long control apply 3 or 4 times at intervals of 30-40 days from the day of transplanting seedlings. Application – How it works: Place the Lure dispenser in the Trap Lure holder and place the traps at various locations in the field, at a few inches above crop canopy level. As the Active Ingredient is dissipated into the atmosphere, the insects are attracted into the trap. Eventually they get entrapped in the trap and die because of the provision made in respective traps. It is advised to use 5 traps per acre initially. Trap density may be increased upto 100 per acre depending on degree of infestation. Water and Pheroglo traps are recommended. Some farmers use funnel-sleeve traps also