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Funnel trap, as the name suggests, is a funnel-covered at the top by a canopy that holds the pheromone dispenser basket, with radial openings all around for entry of the insects/moths. A transparent plastic bag is attached to the lower end of the funnel wherein the insects get trapped. this can be cleaned and replaced occasionally, depending on the insect catch rate. Top and bottom portions are molded out of UV stabilized polypropylene granules whereas the catch bag is made of a thin polyethylene film. 13 cm (Dia) x 11 cm (H) in Green or Red Oxide 16 cm (Dia) x 13 cm (H) in Yellow or any other colour Insects attracted by the pheromone kept under the canopy, enter the funnel, hit the sides while in flight and drop down into the transparent plastic bag attached to the lower end of the funnel and get killed. Many flying insects/moths. Indian farmers have been in the habit of using this trap to catch Helicoverpa and Spodoptera. Multiple seasons (subject to weather conditions) Store away from sunlight until the actual moment of placing