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Fruit fly trap is the natural way to catch fruit flies without using an insecticide or harmful chemicals. It is a safe & nature-friendly product that includes 2 Trap with upper & lower part with lure holder & 2 packet of the lure (bactrocera cucurbitae). Procedure: 1. Separate top and bottom base. 2. Open the Lure packet and tie it to a holder. 2. Plug this lure holder in the center of the top cover. 3. Attach top cover with bottom base and hang the trap on tree. SEE LESS Features & details 100% Natural and Organic way to catch oriental fruit flies (Bactocera dorsalis), for Melon, Cucumber, Gherkin, Pumpkin, PONTED Gourd Attract (bactrocera cucurbitae) Lure need to be changed after 45 to 60 days of installation It attracts the flies towards the tap and kill them It is mostly recommended for organic farming and agriculture process This trap can be used multiple times day and night