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For Control of whitefly, aphid, Jassids, hoppers,
bugs, etc.
Ryder Plus – Bio Pesticide for sucking pests,
Lopper, borer & Plant hopper etc. Sucking pests include aphids,
leafhoppers, thrips, whitefly, flies, bugs, and mites.
Plant Pectin: 40% w/w Cinnamon Oil: 5%
v/v Slvent: 50% w/w Polyoxyethylene Castor Oil: 7% v/v Emulsifier: 10% w/w
Vegetable Oil: 88% v/v COMPOSITION
(Ryder Plus-B Cinnamon Oil:5%v/v Polyoxyethylene Castor
Oil:7%v/v Vegetable Oil:88% v/v
Application Dosage :20ml- 30ml per 15 ltr. water .