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BPH infest the rice crop at all stages of plant growth. As a result of feeding by both
nymphs and adults at the base of the tillers, plants turn yellow and dry up rapidly. At
early infestation, round, yellow patches appear, which soon turn brownish due to the
drying up of the plants. This condition is called ”hopper burn”.Remedy:In an attempt to
make BPH control more species-specific,we have developed TIGER a bio base
pesticide with 100% bio component to resist and eradicate brown plant hopper (BPH)
from the infected area.How to Use :Mix 1.5ml to 2 ml of TIGER with water and sticker
(BOND) and spray on the infected plants in every 7 days interval.Result:TIGER will
remove all brown plant hopper from the affected area quickly.
Application Dosage :20ml- 30ml per 15 ltr. water .